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Phoenix was destined for euthanasia, but found a loving home -
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Do you care? We do.

  • 100,000 treatable and adoptable dogs & cats are killed every year in Australia
  • Some pounds kill 50% of dogs and 80-95% of cats

The Australian Pet Welfare Foundation is committed to decreasing the killing of pets in pounds and shelters throughout Australia.  Knowledge gained through research supported by the Foundation can transform the way shelters and pounds manage and rehome abandoned and lost animals.

Just as modern research has helped to save countless human lives, so too can the research supported by the Australian Pet Welfare Foundation.

The statistics on the number of dogs and cats euthanased in some pounds and shelters are chilling.  More shocking still, most of these animals could be saved.  With the right intervention.  The right strategies.  And the right knowledge.

The Australian Pet Welfare Foundation was founded in 2012 to do just that.

Has your municipal pound or local shelter achieved a kill rate of 10% or less? If not, you can help.

We work with shelters, pounds and local communities to provide proven methods that help save animals’ lives.  Our research-based strategies provide pounds & shelters with the knowledge they need to get to zero euthanasia of treatable and adoptable dogs and cats.

There ARE alternatives to euthanasia. We are finding them!

The Australian Pet Welfare Foundations also funds studies to find better treatments for the illnesses which afflict our beloved companions.  The pets in our community need your help to live long and healthier lives. Strong human- pet relationships help people and pets live longer and happier lives.


The National Appeals Centre is supporting the Australian Pet Welfare Foundation by helping to raise funds in the community.