The company Susan worked for as an administrative officer went broke and the only job she was offered was 2.5 hours drive from her apartment. She looked for rental accommodation closer to the new job but couldn’t find any that would allow pets that was affordable.

Susan absolutely adored her two dogs who had been with her since they were puppies.  At first she continued to drive 5 hours a day to the job while looking for a closer job. Eventually after a close shave driving home when she was really tired, she realised she had to move closer to work and after unsuccessfully trying to find a home for her dogs, took them to the animal shelter in tears to surrender them.

33% of people rent in Australia and approximately 60% own a dog or a cat but only 10% of rental properties around Australia allow pets.

The inability to find rental accommodation is one of the main reasons dogs and cats are surrendered to councils and pounds each year and it costs the life of about 30,000 dogs and cats

We can help…APWF is lobbying for changes so real estate agencies allow pets as a norm rather than an exception. Pet ownership has huge health care savings for the community – dog and cat owners visit doctors less and use less medication for heart disease high blood pressure high cholesterol and insomnia.

Help us to advocate for more rental homes for pets.